Client Considerations

Clients are accepted regardless of age, size, shape, ability, and skin tone.  

Full vanilla, versatile, and negotiated BDSM encounters are welcome!

Want to know more about me?

Please ask! I’m a huge foodie, wine lover, silly nerd, and lovable pervert. If you get me going, I’ll crack (horrible) jokes all night long.

Incalls (Hollywood, Los Angeles):

I’m available almost anytime, unless traveling or already booked!


I can meet or come to you anytime within 30 minutes of Hollywood, CA. Additional fees may be required for longer distances.


Want to fly me out to see you? I’m passport ready, and eager to join you at home or abroad. I take travel and pre-booking deposits. Any trips and details must be discussed over video chat!


1 hour – short date


3 hour – dinner date 


6 hour – full day or night / fly-me-to-you minimum


16 hour – overnight & breakfast


Full Weekend Together (2 nights, 3 days)


+ Each additional day  

+ 1000


I require a discreet, non-refundable deposit for all bookings made in advance. It is usually between  20-50%, depending on the length of the session and your preference!

There are a few payment options available:

  • a discreet, anonymous gift through CashApp,
  • an unopend VISA gift card (with the reciept), mailed overnight, or
  • cash in a card or book, mailed overnight 

Need to reschedule?

All rescheduling is at my discretion, and no promises are made. The earlier you notify me, the better.

The best option is to notify my at least a week in advance, and I will work with you to try and roll over your deposit to a better date.

Ready to contact me?

Text me at (678) 249-9294 for my availability. Voicemails or follow-up texts to missed calls are appreciated, but I only accept calls if we have planned it through message or text.

Email! Tell me a little bit about you, your desired session length, type of experience, date and time, desired location, and your name. 

Any personal or confidential concerns or questions may be addressed over the phone.