Kink + Fetish Information

I’m a primal, greedy, happy Dominant. I don’t want to scowl at you for an entire day; I want to laugh at you (and with you) while you whimper at My feet and earn a place in My world.  


Kink and BDSM are sacred exchanges of trust. I blend tenderness and cruelty into something that works for both of us. 


I specialize in sensations, senses, and endorphin highs. I want to stretch you open, scratch until lines cover your body, beat you until you are gasping My name, bind you to My will, and control your senses.


We will explore the bliss you can experience as My submissive.


If you’re curious about something not listed in my specializations, please feel free to ask about it.  If I don’t have adequate experience in what you’re requesting, I might be able to refer you to another provider who is fully equipped and capable!


What you should bring to the table: 


No one has no limits; everyone has lines they won’t cross. If you haven’t experienced BDSM or submission of any kind, be upfront and honest. I’d be happy to work out a session that can introduce you to a variety of kinks that you are curious about. Otherwise, I expect you to be communicative and honest about your interests, experience level, limits, and needs. 


My rates and deposit rules are nonnegotiable. A lot of time and energy goes into planning a kink/fetish session; I only want to see clients who are comfortable with this fact and respectful of My time. I am generous to those who are generous to Me. 


First-time sessions are a minimum of TWO hours. Any new clients seeking a BDSM/kink-based relationship should be willing to spend this time investing in their submission.